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Transaction Help Attention

    • Enter the corresponsive information (MOBILE PHONE NUMBER, E-MAIL, PHONE NUMBER, TOPUP CARD PIN CODE) to check your payment status.
    • MOBILE PHONE NUMBER: Micropayment Carrier, WebATM, Bank Transfer, Credit Card, Bonus, Pickup Service, Member Deduction, other domestic payments
    • E-MAIL: PAYPAL, ChinaPay, Alipay, 99Bill, Tenpay, PPS, other overseas payments
    • PHONE NUMBER: ADSL,Local Phone
    • TOPUP CARD PIN CODE: MyCard Point Card
    • If you have topped up successfully but didn’t receive the product in game, please contact the support of your game company; if you have successfully purchased but failed topping up in game, please wait for 30 mins and refresh the page. Need help? Contact MyCard CS.