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Game Information

  • NameHundred Soul
  • GenreRole Playing
  • PublisherHOUND 13 / 【輔導級 12+】
  • game publisherHOUND 13
  • category Mobile   

Become the Savior and salvage the world from the brink of its destruction.

▣ The Redefinition of Action Games
Experience real action through various combinations of equipment and unique companions called Fellows, to match and exploit each enemy’s weaknesses.
▣ All about Action
Hundred Soul redefines the essence of action in a new, stylish manner.
▣ Stunning Graphics
Witness the realistic graphics achieved by pushing the Unity Engine to its very limits.
Experience the world of Hundred Soul filled with impeccably detailed graphics,
exquisite character animations, and dynamic visual directing.
※ "Hundred Soul" is compatible with Android 5.1 and above.
※ Performance may not be smooth for devices with OS versions below Android 5.1